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Classic Sport Fountain Pen Navy

The classic Sport series offers classic and historical colours and is also characterised by the gold-plated steel nib, the logo cap and the high-quality, gold hot foil stamping. 

Something special was created with the Kaweco Sport in 1911: a pocket fountain pen that was only 10.5 cm tall when closed and could therefore easily be carried with you, but grew to a normal size with the cap repositioned. At that time the pen was advertised especially for the noble society in evening wear and sports people. That is why it was given the name Sport.

Since 1883 Kaweco writing instruments stand for quality and design. Unique for Kaweco is the octagonal design, which can be retrieved in the many different series. No matter if fountain pen, rollerball or pencil, no matter if edgy or circular, Kaweco creates the perfect pens for your demand, which convinces through high-quality haptics.

The Classic Sport writing instruments are produced and assembled in Germany and are a real quality product.

All nibs, as well as the fountain pen itself, are made in Germany.