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Berber & Q on Vegetables - Josh Katz, 2022

A cookbook that celebrates the versatility of vegetables from an Ottolenghi-trained chef and the restaurateur behind London's much-loved Berber&Q

Eating vegetables doesn't need to be boring. In fact, it can be the most joyful and satisfying way to eat. Fresh vegetables - paired with bold flavors and cooked with care - can be made the hero of every dish. In Berber&Q: On Vegetables, there are countless options to cook every type of veg, from a quick scorch in the pan and a flash of heat from the grill, to a low and slow roast, as well as methods for how to season and flavor using simple marinades, dustings of spice and deliciously sweet and sour dressings. 

Taking inspiration from his travels, from London to North Africa and to the Middle East, Josh's flavor combinations are unusual and create memorable dishes that everyone will enjoy. And with conventional cooking methods included for every dish, there is no reason not to try something new. Featuring over 100 recipes, there are endless possibilities for how to transform everyday vegetables into delicious, easy to prepare dishes that don't compromise on flavor.