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Liliput - Ballpoint Pen - Silver

The Kaweco Liliput is a great traveller's pen - compact, thin, lightweight and super smooth to write with. It has a metal body with the Kaweco logo placed tastefully on the end of the pen body.

The retractable ballpoint pen version is very compact at 9.8cm in length, and the tip of the pen can be extended with a quick push of the mechanism on the top.

The top button easily unscrews from the pen body to refill the pen. It can be refilled with any D1 size refill. The Eco Brass version of this pen will develop a natural patina over time.

Since 1883 Kaweco writing instruments stand for quality and design. Unique for Kaweco is the octagonal design, which can be retrieved in the many different series. No matter if fountain pen, rollerball or pencil, no matter if edgy or circular, Kaweco creates the perfect pens for your demand, which convinces through high-quality haptics.

The Al Sport writing instruments are produced and assembled in Germany and are a real quality product.