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Midori - 5 Year Diary - Ultimate Diary - Gold Coated - Black

The Midori Ultimate 5 Year Diary features a separate page for each day of 5 years. Each page is divided into five sections for you to capture your life moments on the same date over five perpetual years. After you've used the diary for a full year, you can read from the first page to see what was happening in your life on the same date a year ago.

The paper "DW Grid" used in this diary has a soft, uneven grid pattern that creates a gentle texture. It is also fountain-pen-friendly. An enjoyable writing feeling can be transmitted to your pen tip. The paper can also firmly receive ink and show a beautiful ink colour with a pure white paper colour.

Since it is coated with gold metal edges which protects it from dirt and damage, it also prevents discolouration and shrinkage of the paper and protects your important diary over the long term. In addition,  the protective metal edges are carefully attached by craftsmen to the corners of the cover.

This diary also comes in a protective cardboard case.